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Area Conversion

Online Area Conversion: converts between metric, English, scientific area units including acre, hectare (ha), square meter (m^2), square foot (ft^2), etc..
Input the quantity you would like to convert in the first input box, select the units to convert, and the result will appear in the second input box immediately. It accepts scientific notation.

square meter (m²)

square meter (m²)


1. Calculation method:

The conversion between two square units is the square of the conversion between the corresponding length units.

2. For example:

1 meter = 100 centimeters,

the relationship between square meters and square centimeters is:

1 square meter = 104 square centimeters,

where 104 = 1002 =100 × 100.

3. Similarly:

1 yard = 3 feet,

1 square yard = 32 = 9 square feet.

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