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Interest Calculator

Online Interest Calculator calculates total compound interest or simple interest, and total balance based on the initial principal, number of years, and interest rate.

When unpaid interest generates interest itself.

  • Principal after 10 Years:
  • 12189.94
  • Total Interest:
  • 2189.94

When unpaid interest does not generate interest itself.

  • Balance after 10 Years:
  • 12000
  • Total Interest:
  • 2000
Input initial principal, the number of years, and annual interest rate, click the "Calculate" button, results of both compound interest and simple interest will appear immediately.
  • Initial Principal:
  • Number of Years:
  • Interest Rate:
    % per year

1. Compound Interest:

Compound Interest is a kind of interest calculating method that the interest generated from the principal also generates interest itself. Normally, it is compounded monthly.

2. Simple Interest:

Simple Interest calculates the interest only on the base of principal.

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