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Finance Calculators

  • Online currency converter: use updated currency exchange rates to convert between different currencies including dollar, euro, pound, etc..
  • Online Mortgage Calculator calculates the monthly payment, loans outstanding, total payment & interest, and payoff date based on the mortgage amount, term & annual interest rate.
  • Online Loan Calculator calculates the monthly payment, total payment and total interest based on the loan amount (principal), loan term, and annual interest rate.
  • Online Interest Calculator calculates total compound interest or simple interest, and total balance based on the initial principal, number of years, and interest rate.
  • Online Savings Calculator calculates the future savings and gives the savings balance schedule based on initial principal, monthly deposit, the number of years, and annual interest rate.
  • Online Annuity Calculator calculates the due and immediate annuity or retirement pension based on annual growth rate, the interval between withdrawals, etc..
  • Online Credit Card Calculator calculates the minimum payment or what it will take to pay off your current balance, and gives the payment schedule for your credit card.